Tuesday, December 22, 2009


"We were both meant to be broken... so we could mend pieces of each other together to make one whole"
You were broken, shattered pieces lay at my feet as you attempt to sweep them up before interpretation becomes too deep.
I was also broken, keeping pieces contained behind pressed lips, I was too fearful when speaking as they would start to eject. We were both naked, exposed but held up fogged up mirrors attempting to seek reflection in each other.
We were irrational, thinking that clarity cannot be an option, thinking that we were never one person. But internally we were fighting like antibodies to repel love from our vocabulary because we were both broken before.
Pieces drop as we proceed and thinking that we may never be whole again, we seek to find some type of fogless mirror, some type of naked beauty, some type of shameless past that we have all the purpose to hold on to. Some type of angry love, that never tells us to rejoice in the pieces that we’ve left behind, the pieces that we think may never re-enter our lives.
We were both broken always seeking, always yearning, always wanting, always needing, never thinking that we were worth someone else’s pity, someone else’s time, we sought and then we’d find and we’d let go, because we never felt whole and we never thought that pieces can come back and make us whole.
We found each other, shameful, prideful, and broken.
We found that the pieces I left behind are the pieces that you never let fall, we found that the pieces you left behind are the pieces that I never let fall.
We dropped those mirrors and exposed ourselves to each other; naked beauty.
We’d mend our pieces and find that we are one with each other; we found unity.
We took our past and made a foundation for our pedestal-letting go of shameless pride we'd rejoice in each other.
We found that love can be reflected in the most broken person, and we found love in each other because...
“we were both meant to be broken…so we mended pieces of each other together to make one whole.”

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