Sunday, August 15, 2010

He Has Left Me

I fear that love has left me...
packed its bags,
left no notice,
left the corners full of cobb webbs.

Love has left me....
like the presence of light from the eyes of those who have been scarred by darkened intentions...

Love has left me...
like memories staying behind --detached from childhood; reminiscing...behind like Saturday morning feel good moments while mom and dad were once in the background kissing.

I've asked you to help me find love,
remind him of the moments when he'd paint blank canvas'...
He was an artist,
making things move through simple contact; through words unspoken.
Camoflouged so well!
He had my eyes ignoring glitches...made some flawless.

And if you find him,
tell him my iris misses his imagination.
The way he placed stars across my chest and had me riding constellations...and at times a simple kiss would make me breathless -- and often have me weakened.

Let love find me, before the door to the chambers harden,
before the bed he once lay in is stolen...
before I never utter his name and eternally remain--unopened.

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